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From Russia With Love


From Russia with Love

Norfolk County Council Creative Projects team has a strong track record in providing work experience opportunities for people to gain skills, develop confidence and increase employability. We want to ensure we help improve the life chances for Norfolk's residents and encourage aspiration and achievement.

The Heritage Lottery Fund endorses this approach and as a result, from Russia with Love was able to give six art graduate volunteers the opportunity to be part of the From Russia with Love programme. They worked alongside the artist in residence, supporting children and young people with their learning and follow up work back in the classroom. We were pleased to work in partnership with the Norwich University of the Arts, The University of East Anglia and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

Our special thanks and appreciation goes to Oksana Chamberlain, Helen Fisher, Alyona Hogg, Jane Kemp, Danille Neale and Emily Shepperson, our team of brilliant and dedicated volunteers.